How to Use T. Seal Silicone Seal Sheet

T.Seal Silicone Seal Sheet is a game changer in DTF transfers.  Create softer feeling shirts with greater washability and durability.  Each sheet can be used up to 300-500 times.


The T. Seal is used for the final seal of DTF transfers and other heat transfers.  T.Seal is a paper carrier with a very thin silicone rubber film on it.  The film will seal and mold the image film nicely into the weave of the garment for the best washability and durability.  Use with the rubbery side towards the decoration and press for 20 seconds. NEVER USE WITH HEAT HIGHER THAN 300 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT BECAUSE IT WILL DEGRADE QUICKLY.  Ideal temperature range for use is between 270-290 degrees fahrenheit.

Important: Before first use press the sheet with the rubber side down on the lower platen of your heat press. Do not cut the sheets in half or in any way because the rubber film will come off! DO NOT USE WITH SUBLIMATION INKS OR SUBLIMATION PRODUCTS or ink will transfer to the rubber film and can ruin future garments by re-transferring the ink to them.