How to Press a DTF transfer

How do I Apply DTF transfer?

Here is a quick video to show you how fast and easy DTF transfers are to apply!



We use a cold peel film, which means you'll first press the transfer to your shirt for about 10-15 seconds.  For cotton and cotton blend fabrics, use heavy pressure and heat your press to about 300 degrees.  For polyester or thinner, silkier fabric, lower your temperature to about 260 degrees.

Once the film is completely cool, peel it away from the shirt.  Then, with a sheet of parchment paper, cover your transfer and shirt and press one more time for 5-10 seconds for the final curing press.

And now your done!  Join our Facebook group where you can ask questions and see other creative ways people are using DTF transfers.  Click here to join now!



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Can you do custom prints with music notes and guitar, tambourine, microphone for band shirts?

Virginia Hartz

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